Talent․com Job Posting Policy
We want to empower our job seekers and recruitment specialists by creating an environment that highlights quality and transparency. Our job posting guidelines serve to provide an honest and straightforward candidate experience, while supplying employers with clear regulations to follow when posting on Talent.com.
Adherence to Talent.com Guidelines for Job Postings is required. Failure to do so will directly impact job visibility on our site.
Let’s get onto the details.
All jobs on Talent.com must meet the following criteria:
• Meet the Quality Posting Standards
• Contain Authentic Jobs
• Be Non-Predatory
1. What are the Quality Posting Standards?
It is important for us to deliver quality results both to our clients and to our jobseekers. Quality job content that is accepted on Talent․com must:
• Exhibit job titles and job descriptions that are free from error
• Contain job descriptions that are detailed, articulate, and specific to the job title
• Contain clear instructions for applying
• Not falsely advertise the position in question
• Not contain misleading content
• Not be content deemed as clickbait
• Be non-discriminatory
2. What is an authentic job posting?
We do not allow content that can be defined as non-job postings or misleading positions that include but are not limited to:
• Multi-level marketing positions
• Training and education leads
• Unpaid internships or any unpaid role
• Franchise opportunities
• Employment solicitation for the purposes of luring jobseekers from competitors
• Business opportunity positions
• Expired jobs
• Jobs that fail to represent a clearly defined employment vacancy
• Any content that can be defined as spam
3. What is predatory job content?
At Talent.com, we believe that jobs should not come with a price. Therefore, any jobs with attached fees for sign up, and any costs attributed to training or otherwise, will not be accepted on the site.
Examples of predatory content include but are not limited to:
• Jobs requesting the personal information from jobseekers that is outside of usual postings practices
• Job content that is illicit, offensive, defamatory, or vulgar
• Any job posting content that can be defined as phishing or scam activity
• Any content that violates applicable laws